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Young Adult Drama Series


Screenwriters: Marjo Airisniemi & Juulia Unhola

Production Company: Dionysos Films

Broadcaster: CMORE / MTV3



Soulmates is an obliquely warm drama about a group of friends from different backgrounds. Once teenage besties Saima and Alina meet by chance after years. Life has taken them down different paths. However, there is still something inexplicable about their past connection. Saima has just moved from the north to start her first job in her field, only to realize that the job is not exactly what she had thought. Alina breaks up after a long relationship but has to stay as a roommate with her ex, who is part of the group. When Saima joins Alina’s group of friends, the newcomer re-introduces the group’s patterns, and Alina is no longer the center of the group. It causes tensions between Saima and Alina, and they have to consider whether they are friends anymore.