2018 | 19 min | Bluray | 16:9 | Colour | LTRT


Jasmine and Quinn’s marriage is disrupted when their house is broken into and Jasmine is assaulted. In the aftermath, they each attempt to recover from the trauma in their own ways.

Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Written by Brandon Gale

Produced by Siyi Ren

Starring: Alizée Gaillard, Hans Christopher, Greg Tamura, Barton Caplan, Christine Darrin, Wendi De Barros


AFI Conservatory Production Exercise


2018 | 17 min | Bluray | 4:3 | Colour | LTRT


Isla’s day is set off-track when visiting her ophthalmologist.

Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Written by Shuhan Fan

Produced by Amanda Freedman

Starring: Laura Boccaletti, Paul Keany, Sheila Robinson, Ming-Wei Fasquelle, Caroline Patz, Anissa Borrego


AFI Conservatory Production Exercise


2018 | 12 min | Bluray | 16:9 | Colour | LTRT


When Sia appears to Mia in a flower dress, Mia gets to experience love and intimacy with her twin sister one more time.

Written and Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Produced by Disi Guo

Starring: Elizabeth Hinkler & Emily Hinkler


AFI Conservatory Production Exercise


2017 | 5 min | DCP | 1:2.35 | Colour | Dolby 5.1


On the way home from her friend's party, Anna gets a surprise visitor.

Starring: Emma James, Deborah Olakigbe

Nominated for Best Editing Award at Underwire Film Festival 2017.




2019 | 4 min | DCP | 1:85 | Colour | 5.1


A combat veteran struggles to integrate back to normal life.

Directed by Jojo Erholtz

Written by Jojo Erholtz & Leonel Escobar

Produced by Whitney Cheng

Starring: Grace Illingworth



2015 | 3 min | DCP | 1:2.35 | Colour | LTRT

It seems that Annabelle's idea of romance

only exists in fairytales, but this is the day when something life-changing could happen.

Starring: Bridget Mastrocola, Joseph Comar, Payam Hosseinian


Underwire Film Festival - Best Screenwriter Award

London Short Film Festival

Minimalen Short Film Festival

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